Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not quite like Julia did...but....

I had an A-Ha! moment a few minutes ago while watching my most favorite new show...MasterChef!

oh, how I would dream of being on that show and winning...

one day, one day...

but alas, I have much to learn!  I am going to create a list of yummy fancy dishes that I want to make.


because I can and I want to!

I may not be anything like Julia Child, but I'm here goes my list, which, by the way is in NO particular order: (I will add more later, but here are a few)

Souffle-any kind...mmm the fluffy yummy word makes me want one now!

chicken pot pie

pie from scratch, crust and all

baked Alaska

lemon meringue pie



molten lava cake

bananas foster


clam chowder

Chinese dumplings

Oh and the excitement of buying new cookware just to make a few of these scrumptious dishes!!! I think I was meant to be a housewife...I really enjoy this way to much~