Monday, August 6, 2012

Days are long

I keep coming to the computer, logging into my blog, starting a post and deleting although I'm not quite ready to write about what I keep deleting...I feel the need to at least write SOMETHING....

It's been approximately two years since I quit my job of 13 years and embarked on a new life adventure, and what an adventure it has been!  No longer am I living in southern California where I lived for approximately 30 years.  No longer am I stressed out beyond my imagination at a new job that just proved to me how much I am DONE with retail management.  No longer am I living in a house that is too small and had no longer am I surrounded by a bubble of longer do I know where all the cool spots are to hang out in longer am I surrounded by friends and family...NO LONGER!!!!

Now I am surrounded  by nature, REAL honest to goodness NATURE>>I can literally walk a half mile (or less) in any direction and be lost in a forest, or on the side of a river, trying to figure out where to jump in at... We are surrounded by 1,000 lakes within a 100-mile radius...with real seasons (eh, snow and ice)....I am surrounded by beauty, yet I am lost.  I don't know what to do next in life and wish I just knew exactly what to do next.  We have a few family members around and a few's weird living in a place you feel so at peace with in some respects, but in others you are totally and completely lost and annoyed....

Apartment living is not for me...but it's where we are right now.  We are meeting awesome people, learning the true colors of some, and steering clear of others.  An opportunity for us to move to another unit has opened up and we are going to take it.  So we will not be in an upstairs unit, but a lower one that has a place for me to create a lil garden next spring!  Not looking forward to moving all of our stuff, but feel as though this is a good choice for us.

All three of us, Daniel, Steve and I are going back to school this fall/or winter!! We are all kinda weary but yet excited at the same time.  Don't ask me what I'm going to do...that changes from week to week...I range from culinary arts to veterinary technician...First things first, I gotta meet with a counselor on Friday and see what units from my bachelor transfer over..that could be the deciding factor for me.

Ok I'm rambling lets just get to the end....I think I'm gonna add a poem...lets see what happens~

Days are long
feel like a kid on summer break again...
wondering where the years have gone,
wondering what the future holds.

Making the most of where we are at,
praying for more guidance
praying for answers
giving thanks for what we do have

days are long
feel like jumping in the river to cool off...
wanting to go to the coast
wanting to visit some friends.

making the most out of what we have,
finding the joy in small things
growing closer to family
growing closer to God

Days are long....