Monday, November 5, 2012

You Want Me to do What???

Step by Step
Inch by Inch
I progress.

Day by Day 
Hour by Hour
I endure.

Week after Week
Practice after Practice
I survive.

Pressing onward,
moving forward,
never looking back.

If I could only lift my left leg up for a few seconds more,
I'd be happy.
If I could only get up from a one knee down just a few seconds quicker,
I'd be jolly.
If I could only skate a half a lap faster during endurance,
I'd be excited.

So, I do.
I stick a one knee raise for a few sec more.
I do two perfect one knee downs amidst a slue of awful ones.
I skate 4 3/4 lap in a close to 5.

So, you want me to skate sideways?
I will get there.
You want me to connect all the points you've taught me into one fluid movement?
I will get there, too.
You want me to stop beating myself up for my short-comings?
I'm getting there, too.
You want me to cheer like a mo-fo, put my heart into this sport and support my teammates?
Done, no questions asked.

So, the next time I say to myself, 'you want me to do what???'
I'll respond with the same enthusiasm as always, 
but this time I'll remind myself that
I'll get there, too.